Transform your industrial processes with our advanced filtration systems

Innofluid is one of the leading suppliers of innovative filtration systems and fluid technical systems for the metalworking industry, special machine construction and air pollution control applications for government organisations. We specialise in the design and manufacture of filtration and fluid technology solutions that help you make your industrial processes more efficient, reduce costs and purify the air of harmful substances to ensure a clean and safe environment.

With decades of experience in fluid technology and filtration, our creative designers can find the right solution for almost any requirement. We analyse, advise, plan and design filter system installations and fluid technology installations. Together with our customers, we develop special applications and optimise existing systems for efficient operation: both in the connection between processing centres as well as at fluid-technical systems and at other process interfaces in production.

In addition, we offer standardised products such as our air purification systems for the filtration of viruses, fine dust, nuclear contaminated air particles and biological substances. In doing so, our systems work thoroughly and reliably to prevent harmful effects on people.

Supplies for filtration processes

Optimise your production and sustainability with our innovative solutions and comprehensive services for filtration processes

The filtration systems used utilise the latest advances in filtration technology, including advanced materials, state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and cutting-edge designs. Innofluid offers a wide range of filtration solutions, including air filtration systems, oil filtration systems and water filtration systems, all tailored to the specific requirements of each industry and need. All with the aim of either removing harmful air particles so that people are protected, or to sustainably remove impurities from hydraulic oil and lubricants as well as pollutants from fluids. In this way, the performance and service life of machines and process plants are increased and protected from damage – without uneconomical downtime.

World first

Airwolf n + b
against nuclear & biological threats

The patented Airwolf nuclear +biological filter system offers you unparalleled protection from nuclear radiation and biological warfare agents for air raid shelters. The innovative filter system is a world first and uses advanced technologies to filter harmful particles and substances from the air, ensuring the safety of you, your loved ones and others seeking shelter in the event of a nuclear or biological threat.

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Innofluid – creative impetus for filtration processes

With years of experience and expertise in the industry, Innofluid is a reliable partner for companies and government institutions seeking advanced and efficient filtration systems. As a creative innovator, Innofluid strives to offer cutting-edge technologies and customised solutions that meet the specific needs of each customer. By combining cutting-edge filtration technology with a customer-centric approach, Innofluid ensures the highest levels of filtration performance, reliability and cost-efficiency. Whether for the metalworking industry, special machinery, air pollution control or other sectors, Innofluid has the expertise and resources to provide superior filtration solutions.

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