Protect your air shelter against nuclear and biological threats with a patented filter system – reliably powered by a fuel cell

The patented Airwolf nuclear +biological filter system offers you incomparable protection from nuclear radiation and biological warfare agents for air raid shelters. The innovative filter system is a world first and uses advanced technologies to filter harmful particles and substances from the air, ensuring the safety of you, your loved ones and others seeking shelter in the case of a nuclear or biological threat.

Unique filter system with fuel cell

Our patented filter system is also unique in that it works with a fuel cell, which provides a reliable source of energy in emergency situations where no conventional power sources are available. Alternatively, the Airwolf n+b can be operated with a photovoltaic system. This makes our filter system a self-sufficient and effective solution for air shelters and ensures that you are always protected. Thus, the unit not only provides the power for fresh air supply for up to 20 people, but also has sufficient power reserves to supply additional devices for everyday use.

Harmful particles and chemicals are measured and removed from the air

The Airwolf n+b uses HEPA H14 filters that remove up to 99.995% of harmful particles such as radioactive and chemical elements from the air. The HEPA filters in our system can trap particles as small as 0.3 microns, which is essential for filtering out nuclear radiation and biological warfare agents. This makes the air in your shelter not only safe to breathe, but also comfortable to breathe. This makes our filter system ideal for long-term use, providing both safety and comfort. In addition, the intake part is equipped with a Geiger-Müller counter, which transmits the radiation exposure of the external environment to your smartphone in real time. This makes our AIRWOLF nuclear + biological a life-saving device for appropriate crisis situations.

Easy to use and high quality filter system

At Innofluid, we designed the filter system to be easy to install and use. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to transport to your shelter, and its self-contained power source means it provides reliable protection even when conventional power sources are unavailable. Our patented filter system is the result of extensive research and development and its advanced technology represents a world first in air filtration technology. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services, and we are confident that you will be satisfied with the quality and effectiveness of our filtration system.

Energy supply

Complete energy solution for self-sufficient, stationary power supply with fuel cell unit IF_20L 220Ah – without any mains connection. The complete stationary energy solution consists of a control cabinet with space for a fuel cell and, depending on the application, one or more fuel cartridges and batteries. The fuel cell is located with you in the safe shelter, which makes it easy to maintain and safe to refuel. In addition, it operates completely noiselessly and emission-free – the only waste product is water.


Innofluid’s air quality management platform (consisting of our air quality sensors and our AIRWOLF Intelligence Cloud) helps you monitor and ensure compliance with guidelines and recommended limits. Our solution is based on the latest IoT and cloud technologies. With the Geiger-Müller counter integrated in the device at the air intake, as well as at the air outlet, the user interface offers a display of the radiation values in real time on your smartphone. The fan speed of the AIRWOLF Nuclear+Biological is optimised for air circulation and the energy required for this. By using microprocessor technology, our AIRWOLF Nuclear+Biological works more efficiently and precisely as it continuously monitors the air quality on its own and automatically reacts to changes.

Technical data fuel cell:

Dimensions (W x D x H) 855 x 428 x 1,000 mm
Weight 95 kg
Housing Coated steel cabinet
Operating temperature -20°C bis +50°C
Installation space for batteries 380 x 350 x 230 mm (suitable for max. 2x 110 Ah or 2x Li105)
IP protection class IP33
Nominal voltage 6 V, 12 V and 230 V
Compatible batteries Li 70/105, Lead gel, lead acid, AGM, LiFeP04
Fuel cartridges 2 x 10 Liter

Innofluid – creative impetus for filtration processes

With years of experience and expertise in the industry, Innofluid is a reliable partner for companies and government institutions seeking advanced and efficient filtration systems. As a creative innovator, Innofluid strives to offer cutting-edge technologies and customised solutions that meet the specific needs of each customer. By combining cutting-edge filtration technology with a customer-centric approach, Innofluid ensures the highest levels of filtration performance, reliability and cost-efficiency. Whether for the metalworking industry, special machinery, air pollution control or other sectors, Innofluid has the expertise and resources to provide superior filtration solutions.

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